We deliver the robust capabilities distributors need to grow sales profitably.

Wholesale Distribution Solutions Built on Four Pillars

Financial Strength

Benefit from consistent inventory availability, reliable deliveries, improved cash flow, and the assurance of industry-leading support to drive your business success.

Global Infrastructure

Unlock opportunities with our global infrastructure backed by $2B+ of inventory, connecting you to a vast product selection and unmatched availability.

Technical Expertise

Overcome customer complexities with technical support from our team of solution architects proficient in over 30 technology segments.

Manufacturing Partners

Our network of 40+ warehouses and 500+ manufacturer partnerships offers fast access to a diverse range of high-quality products.

Explore Our Solutions

Audio Visual

XpressConnect Supply simplifies the process of designing and deploying a professional audio/video system. See how we save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

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XpressConnect Supply has over $2B in inventory to help distributors manage the scope and complexity of complete bills of materials on challenging projects.

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Data Center

XpressConnect Supply connects you to a vast portfolio to provide reliable solutions to the complex challenges facing distributors in the data center market.

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Fiber Optics and FTTx

XpressConnect Supply is committed to providing distributors with access to advanced solutions to the most common challenges on fiber optic cabling projects.

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Industrial and Electrical Supplies

XpressConnect Supply allows you to confidently offer a wide range of products and solutions to better serve your customers’ industrial supply needs.

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Marine, Port, and Shipboard

XpressConnect Supply has the products and relationships to support customers’ needs even on hard-to-find and difficult-to-stock marine industry solutions.

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Network Infrastructure

XpressConnect Supply offers reliable redistribution and competitive pricing to serve distributors supporting state-of-the-art communication networks with inventory and technical support.

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Outdoor Wireless

XpressConnect Supply offers nationwide access to specialty product lines as well as value-added services like cutting, coiling, boxing, and shipping.

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Security and Access Control

XpressConnect Supply offers an unparalleled product portfolio, fast access to inventory, and expert technical sales support to help distributors who serve security projects.

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Wire and Cable

XpressConnect Supply allows distributors to offer what customers need while solving common challenges like lead times, geographical restrictions, and high minimum quantities.

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What Differentiates Us From Other Redistributors

Phone, Fax, Email with Sales Reps

B2B Integration (EDI, JIT, ERP systems)

eProcurement Punchout Catalog

eCommerce Website

Blind Shipments

Electronic Invoices and Payments

Consolidate Invoices Statements

Automation Order Confirmation Shipment Notification

Leverage Non-strategic Spend

It is estimated that 3 - 5% of the average distributor’s spend is with other distributors, many of whom are competing for the same piece of business and/or customer. That’s where XpressConnect Supply comes in.

Partnering with XpressConnect Supply will allow distributors to achieve:

  • Increased sales efficiencies
  • Competitive pricing
  • Technical support
  • Increased return on sales

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